Welcome (Bem-vindo)!

My first sewing machine in the loft  of my first apartment.  A space of reflection that’s now too small for all of the forming design ideas yet to surface.  For now, more learning.  For initial “inspirations” see the Gallery.  More will follow.


Lisbon-born Fashion Design student, Costa has always had a passion for fashion and dressmaking. Portugal’s economic landscape (and the 90s mindset) led her to pursue a degree in European Studies with a view to safe employment during uncertain times.

Times have changed and so has Costa, literally and geographically. Arriving in Scotland in 2011 has made her realise a new vista of opportunities. Brexit on the horizon was the “kick” she needed to finally get serious.

The Fashion Design course is underway but the anxiety of creating, sharing ideas and seeking inspiration is great. Costa will weave together different cultures, people and of course, climates!  Unique designs will stem from this seemingly jarring combination of different regions with the dream that one day, Costa, can bring her design philosophy directly to you, with you.


The Value of Research Findings – Paul Poiret and the Un-Corseted Dress

There are always benefits in any research as it is the means to further understand a specific topic. In terms of the research carried out as part of this assignment, below are the key points of note from my perspective: Deepening knowledge on the topic: Researching the designer Paul Poiret (subject) is the path to …


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