Discussion on materials and processes tested for design concept

The mini mannequin was extremely helpful to test different fabrics and outfit layout options, without incurring high costs. Following on the decision to seek “honest” inspiration for a Spring/Summer outfit, I decided to stick to bright colours and light fabrics.

From the Edinburgh flora, it was possible to gather that the predominant colours were green and lilac. The natural “sparkle” of the Cramond Beach sand made me think of a satin type of fabric, so I tested a few options: green and white satin fabric. See Figure 1 below:

Figure 1. Satin

The texture of the Cramond Beach sand also gave me a few ideas for appliqués potentially with pearls, sequins or crystals/stones. See Figure 2:

Figure 2. Sequins, pearls and crystals

One of the Scottish identity symbols is the “Thistle”. These are weeds that can be found everywhere across the country and its colours are a true link to Scotland. I have tested some collage and pinned some fabric directly onto the mini mannequin to understand how this could work. I used tulle, lining and organza in this instance. See Figure 3:

Figure 3. Thistle

I found the lilac and white satin to work extremely well, ideal Spring/Summer colours. I therefore chose an outift with a combination of both. The green was beautiful, but a bit too strong for the “light” mood I was trying to achieve. I wanted the outfit to “flow”, hence I decided to go for a one piece garment with the “softer” elements identified. See Figure 4:

Figure 4. Final Design

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