This essay evaluates the materials, techniques, processes and presentation formats used in the design process based on primary and secondary research. The theme chosen for my research was Honest – shapes in nature used for inspiration in order to take everything back to basics with design and shape.

For this project, I have chosen the “Honest” theme as a source of inspiration. As such, all the pictures contained in the sketchbook and presentation were taken by me. Given that Edinburgh is where I “assume” my customer is from, I would like the final outfit to be a reflection of the city’s identity. There cannot be any more honest that.

The primary and secondary research was carried out in Barnton, Cramond, Edinburgh City Centre and Leith.  Due to the cool and wet Scottish climate, it’s challenging to be on a “Spring/Summer mindset”, but the vibrant colours and shapes I came across definitely helped with the overall design process. See Figure 1.

Figure 1. Research

From the visuals gathered, I started designing a few shapes and croquis. Then, I started attempting some fabric draping (satin, organza, tulle, lining) on the mini mannequin, collage to better understand how those shapes would work in an outfit and what colours would work well. See Figure 2 below:

Figure 2. Collage and draping work

I have attempted a few basic pattern designs to assist with some details for the final outfit. The leaf definitely worked better than the thistle as an outfit appliqué. See Figure 3.

Figure 3. Possible appliqué options

Designing the croquis revealed to be more challenging than anticipated and searching for inspiration outdoors was definitely time consuming. I wanted “honesty” and overall I believe was the best way to achieve that. Based on the shapes, colours and materials used there is opportunity to create a garment that is authentic and symbolic.

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