At some point in your life you will have only realised “what” you had from the moment you no longer had it.  If you’ve ever lived abroad, I bet this is a constant realisation, probably more predominant during the initial years following the move.  So, when something you were used to having available, suddenly is no longer as accessible, finding that something is exceptionally joyful.

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The Value of Research Findings – Paul Poiret and the Un-Corseted Dress

There are always benefits in any research as it is the means to further understand a specific topic. In terms of the research carried out as part of this assignment, below are the key points of note from my perspective:

  • Deepening knowledge on the topic: Researching the designer Paul Poiret (subject) is the path to understanding the topic researched, the motivation, the vision and the creations.

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The June Skirt

Our current home went through huge renovation work before we moved in. We took some (most) of that work into “our own hands” and needless to say the initial weeks were extremely busy: stripping wallpaper, carpets, carrying waste to the recycling (you get the picture)! It was February 2015. It was cold. It was very cold! Continue reading “The June Skirt”