Alfie’s Coat

Following from Bailey and Zoe’s “garments” I decided to get another coat for a 4 legged friend, this time a Jack Russell Terrier: Alfie.

These coats have all had their own patterns created for ease of production in the future (if the future takes me in that direction).

This was the end result: tartan outside and fleece in the inside. Not only are these “little fellows” cosy, they really have good taste!

Inside fleece:

Outside tartan:

Cosy, cosy…

Meet Alfie! Love that pose!

What about this one?

Michael Cane, Jude Law step aside. Meet the REAL Alfie! What a pro! His family may have uncovered what he’s up to whilst they’re at work…

Here’s Alfie defeating the “Beast from the East” earlier this year. There’s no keeping him indoors from now on 🙂