The June Skirt

Our current home went through huge renovation work before we moved in. We took some (most) of that work into “our own hands” and needless to say during the initial weeks we were very busy  stripping wallpaper, carpets, carrying waste to the recycling (you get the picture)! It was February 2015. It was cold. It was very cold!

Iain was the first neighbour we met during one of our stages of carrying waste from the flat to the garage – yes, our “unwanted” items live temporarily in the garage before being moved to the skip, it can fill a slot everywhere although serve no purpose anywhere aka “Agile” in IT. We were just at the landing getting to know each other, when Iain’s door opened and in amongst the cold and grey landscape of a Scottish winter’s morning June emerges in a lively vibrant yellow gown. A splash of spring sunshine to brighten our day. The personality? Just as lively and vibrant! A true force of Nature. June welcomed us to the neighbourhood and could not have been more positive about where we live. This was just the boost of energy we needed to keep the arduous work we were undertaking.


One of my course assignments was to create an item of clothing from scratch, i.e. design, create the pattern based on real measurements and finally manufacture the item. It was December 2017 – winter, cold, rainy, windy. I wanted to create something with a warm Scottish fabric (like tweed), but with a vibrant colour and different shape to lift the mood of the miserable winter days. Well, I didn’t need to go far: my inspiration was June!




The pattern and a toile were created to test the accuracy of the measurements before proceeding to the main fabric:








After the confirming it was a fit it was time to go for the final garment. I managed to find this amazing mustard yellow tweed that was just what I wanted. If you have ever travelled across Scotland you will know about the extraordinary different shades of green you encounter, eventually blending in with the yellows. We complain it rains most of the time, but in fairness such vivid colours would not be obtained if the weather was dry. We’re truly spoiled with the landscape here!





And here it is: The June Skirt!

I was delighted with the end result and wore it quite a few times during last winter. June has not only been an inspiration, she has been extremely supportive and a great listener ever since we moved here. Both Iain and June have taken part in assignments throughout the Fashion Design course, either directly or indirectly. Thank you both! It may not be anything to you, but it has been extremely helpful and enriching for me.