Hello there and thanks for the visit!  If you stumbled across this site don’t leave just yet. I’m delighted you popped by so why not staying a little longer to see what I’ve been doing lately!

I’m a Lisbon-born Fashion Designer, currently based in Edinburgh. I’ve always had a passion for fashion and dressmaking, but Portugal’s economic landscape (and the 90s mindset) led me to pursue a degree in European Studies (hoping for safe employment during uncertain times and all that jazz)…  Basically years studying hard but designing and sewing my time away was what I wanted all along (sorry mum and dad)!?!

Times have changed and so have I, literally and geographically. Arriving in Scotland in 2012 has made me realise a new vista of opportunities. Brexit on the horizon was the “kick” I needed to finally get serious.

The Fashion Design course has now concluded and the anxiety to create, to share ideas and to seek inspiration is now uncontrollable. Environmental concerns aren’t ignored and this is reflected in my work. I will weave together different cultures, people and of course, climates! 

This is my space to share unique designs from this seemingly jarring combination of different regions with you. It’s a space to voice my thoughts on what matters to me and more often than not you will even get a feel for some of the tastes and aromas that influence my inspiration.  A somewhat sartorial experience combining visual, olfactory and taste senses (or so I’d hope 😊).