Made in Scotland – Fashion Upcycle Movement

So, one of my last New Year’s resolutions was to write more often. Guess 2020 had other plans for all of us.  Not only have I not written anything so far, the focus has also shifted completely.

A lot has changed in a very short period of time.  We’re resistant to change by nature, but on this occasion we’ve had no choice!  Everyone has had to adapt in record time.

Some may have experienced an improvement to work-life balance, with home-working, no commute or overrated business travel, but thousands of people are currently going through employment uncertainty and struggling to make ends meet.  For the ones who have been fortunate enough to retain their jobs and work from a safe place, please “stay alert” to any appeals.  We’re all pretty powerless right now, but who knows you may just have that certain something that can make a difference.

I’ve been lucky enough to spot an appeal for scrubs’ manufacture late in March.  If there’s something I can do and have more time for now is sewing! Helping this cause was possibly one of the most rewarding moments of this lockdown.  It was a way to reciprocate the free medical care and prescription provided by NHS Scotland.

NHS Scotland – For the love of scrubs was quickly mobilised and the response across the country was immediate. The lack of fabric availability wasn’t a show-stopper!!  Seamstresses (amateurs and professionals) got their hands into whatever was available. A genuine Made in Scotland Fashion Upcycle Movement originated from simple need.  So, when you next visit your GP and the staff’s scrubs seem oddly similar to your John Lewis or M&S 100% cotton bedding, that’s probably what they were a few months’ back 🙂

In addition to rewarding, this experience has given me a completely new approach to fashion upcycling and some inspiration for simple practical garments, ideal for home-working (the new norm). And, no… by this I don’t mean just getting tops and trousers you can wear over PJs during video calls.   This is more about making the most of what’s in the wardrobe already and turning it into home-office attire: professional yet comfy.  Until this materialises: keep safe, look after each other. x


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