The Big Day Dress

So much has happened since the last post… I received the Fashion Design diploma, my best friend got married, I finished the dress I took to his wedding and got my first commission 🙂

The wedding was simply perfect! The ceremony was beautiful, the reception was fabulous, the grooms were elegantly dressed and (of course) the Big Day Dress was absolutely gorgeous. OK… maybe not as gorgeous as the grooms…

Needless to say there wasn’t another similar to it. And yes, this is still a significant thing for any woman. It’s great to have your own garment, something designed by yourself to yourself. Something that visually represents your thoughts for that occasion. My friend has a vibrant personality! He’s a true gem! So in my mind, all I had were these images of rich golds and vibrant blues to celebrate his special day.

I love the effect of the golden top and lining under the night lights of Lisbon.  The dress is made of a combination of navy blue and golden satin from a local Edinburgh fabric shop in Nicolson Street. The buckle was a second hand vintage acquisition from Cavanagh’s in Cockburn Street. After cleaning it was just the touch this dress needed to stand out!

The skirt is a rectangular piece of fabric, manipulated into equally distributed pleats. It’s amazing how little fabric was wasted in the process and yet the result was a tailored garment for a special occasion.

The recycled vintage buckle was a bargain and yet again an invaluable addition to the outfit. It has definitely sparked greater interest in recycled fashion for me, so watch this space! I’m already  considering how I can recycle this dress for a more day-to-day usage… thoughts are welcome!

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