Break the Mould

Well… (this is a sentence according to my husband!) Christmas is almost here and I’m sure (like me) you’ll realise very last minute you’ve forgotten to buy something. Don’t stress! No one will be offended and with the current state of affairs you may get away with a very good excuse…If you’re definitely looking for something a bit different, but thoughtful, caring and positive then I may have a recommendation for you 😊 I read this book a few weeks back purely because I was trying to learn more about the author and what she’s campaigning about.

The book itself is marketed for children, but honestly: everyone, every age will benefit from reading it! I certainly did and if only I’d had a book like this when I was growing up…

Break the Mould is about accepting one’s uniqueness. It’s about accepting difference. Sinead Burke is a “teacher, activist and little person”. The book is about being different and embracing it. It’s about knowing “how to take your place in the world”. To some degree we all do it, hence why I feel this book is suitable for any age and any person really.

What makes this book so special is that it’s also about how the ones who think they aren’t different perceive difference. It’s about how parents can help children explore the opportunities of being different. How adults can encourage conversation about being unique. It’s about not being embarrassed of being unique or being embarrassed if a child enquires about uniqueness. It’s putting aside all the outdated (and harmful) perceptions around disability. A must read for a better world in the New Year!

Merry Christmas x

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