A Christmas Dress

A few days to Christmas now. How on earth did that happen??  It certainly felt that 2019 lived me and not the other way around.  In reality, lots happened this year and when everything happens too fast it’s easy to feel like time is flying by.  So instead of letting such feelings take over, let’s just celebrate the achievements of the year.  Key highlights for me:

  • Completing the Fashion Design course;
  • 1 wedding (i.e The Big Day Dress);
  • 1 half-marathon (well… husband ran, I supported so that counts, right?);
  • 1 capsule collection;
  • The first commission: a goddess initiation dress (quite different);
  • 1 interior design;
  • 3 thrift upcycles;
  • Back to the gym!

Not bad with a full-time job.  Yet, love what you do and you won’t work a day in your life!  With that in mind, I went for a final garment this year: a Christmas dress.

Christmas Dress 2019

I was offered a deep green crushed velvet fabric scrap in August and it has been stored up until now.  It’s just perfect for this festive season.  It was enough fabric for the dress and an accompanying accessory!

Turban inspired cap

So let’s all have a Merry Christmas filled with joy, love and hope!  Time to be surrounded by the loved ones, to feel supported, to move on and to move forward… with style!  Lots of ❤️

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