Lockdown has been great to catch-up on everything I’d normally find an excuse to do. Definitely helped focusing on designing and completing some projects that kept being disrupted by the many distractions of a “free” life.

So, given all the time I currently have as a result of a commute-free life I decided to revisit the capsule collection I designed during the course. Timeless designs with rich fabrics can never go wrong… or demodé!

Just before lockdown we had booked a mini-break in Skye – by the way: definitely recommend it!  One of the “things to see and do” I did NOT want to miss was a weaving experience.  Well, I was in for a treat!! First-hand experience of what weaving (or pedalling) is all about!  And then I fell in love… with this diamond patterned tweed in green and black! Not any shade of green, but one mirroring the multiple Scottish landscape shades of green.  The ones that are ever changing due to the weather and lighting conditions.  I knew immediately what I was going to use it for!

And then Agnes was “born” 😊 The fabric?  Tweed woven in the Isle of Skye, made with wool from the Isle of Skye… powered by pedal at😉

It’s still Summer but I have already worn it (I know, I know)! You can always find an excuse if you’re working endless hours at a computer.  It’s not like that requires any effort, so you tend to get a bit cold… Or I do… Still looking forward to going out with Agnes when the opportunity comes.  And who knows come across someone else wearing it (get in touch if you fancy one of these😉).

Keep safe everyone!

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