Fashion (Re)Served

2019 was heavily marked by climate change discussions. So much so that a “very happy girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future” was named person of the year.

It’s indisputable that the fashion industry has long been one of the world’s largest polluters. The increased awareness of the industry’s waste problem forced many to seek more sustainable fashion alternatives.

Smaller production runs, upcycling/downcycling, “trashion”… creativity really has no limits and it’s fair to say most of us are gradually supporting the cause.

With that in mind, I decided to go through some thrift finds and try to bring a new design back to life. For this project I used two old coats and reassembled them into two new coats (oh how creative… really?) Bear with me: there’s a valid reason for this. We’ll get to it later.

One of the coats no longer had a label, so unknown origin. The other one was a Sainsbury’s 2015 collection checkered coat. I can only imagine a significant number of people across the UK own one of the latter. Just not the variation mentioned on this post.

Perfect colour scheme and a little handmade detail with white crocheted frog knots. This made my grandmother particularly happy. I was actually paying attention to what she taught me many years ago… I’m delighted with the result!

Now the “coat-to-coat” rationale. The main aim was to see how much of a difference could be achieved by mixing two of the same. A worn out design gaining new life from a small-ish change. A mash-up mix of clothes.

So, if you think your own reserved wardrobe is needing something “new”, why not re-vamp an old item?  Small changes you can achieve at home but if this seems too complex just reach out. Fashion will be re-served! 🙂

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