Break the Mould

Well… (this is a sentence according to my husband!) Christmas is almost here and I’m sure (like me) you’ll realise very last minute you’ve forgotten to buy something. Don’t stress! No one will be offended and with the current state of affairs you may get away with a very good excuse… Continue reading “Break the Mould”

The new normal

Month 11 of 2020… Where did this year go? So many of us have used this time to look at life in retrospect. I remember travelling across the country and staying away for the week because it was so important project teams all worked together on the same site. In fact, if you want career progression you need to be flexible – that’s valid for personal time and geography. The first one to arrive, the last one to leave. Be where you’re needed – always, at any time! Wear it as a badge of honour! To this day it’s accepted this is just what corporate life is about. Career progression requires sacrifice. Continue reading “The new normal”