Rebel Me T-Shirt

Up until very recently I had always thought I was part of Generation X, which made me very proud.  Apart from the cool name, Gen-X children saw the world before and after the world wide web and the beginning of MTV.  The ones who grew up with punk, heavy metal, grunge and hip-hop music and are described as having achieved some work-life balance in adult life.

At the beginning of this year a comment on the radio changed everything.  It turns out Gen-X are children born up until 1980 and Millennials are the generation born between 1981 and early 1990s. I’m part of the latter “harvest”! No chance I would get away trying to get back into the Gen-X “crew”.  Such an existential crisis…  I had to go and research this Millennial generation to see if I could “find” myself again.  I was surprised by what I learned. I went from considering myself as being part of a successful generation, to one that reports that “children” can’t make it the property ladder, they will live with their parents until they’re 40, they’re considered narcissistic, lazy, entitled and weak.

Sweeping negative stereotypes never help of course as Millennials really are still defining their generation.  Arguably living with more purpose and values, better educated, entrepreneurial as we have not seen in a number of generations as well as being financially literate.  Not bad to start with.  We can build on that.  Yet, every news article I come across has more and more negativity.  Millennials just seem to have become the “culprit” of everything wrong with today’s society.  You only need to say the same thing so many times until one starts believing it.  So no wonder this negative perception of Millennials is spreading.

Change on top of change is always confusing, yet we’ve lived it and will pass on our learning to future generations but the world has changed and so have we.  Our child-teen-adult transformations are interconnected with the revolutionised Digital world we live in today.  For the ones who think we are immature, remember on this digital era we definitely ARE E-MATURE. Call us irresponsible. We’re proud to be eresponsible.  Think XOXO is being illiterate, well XOXO is for e-literates – like us Millennials!  I am a Millennial and a positive one! I’m proud of my generation and what we’ve achieved – so far! It’s not just negativity!  So, on the topic of saying the same thing so many times for one to believe it…  The Rebel Me t-shirt was born! In Millennial Pink (yes, we even have our own identifying colour – how about that?).  A slogan for Millennials and the generations of this fast-paced Digitised world!

For every item purchased, 5% will be donated to the See Me Programme (Scotland’s Programme to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination). Remember: challenges are everywhere, but you’re not alone! Rebel against negativity!