Know your worth!

Oliver was turning 21. He knew it was time he’d get his dad’s 200-year-old pocket watch. This was a family heirloom that had been passed from father to son for generations.

With the heirloom came a task:

  • Son, advertise the watch up on Facebook Marketplace and see how much people will give you for it.

Oliver did and was less than happy:

  • Everyone’s laughing and saying this is useless! I had people offering to take it if I PAY them!!
  • Now reach out to a pawnbroker and ask them how much they’ll give you for it.

Oliver was a bit cheerier this time:

  • They say it’s old and scratched, but they’ll give me £50! Not bad…
  • Yeah, not bad indeed, but check on a few watch collectors’ club forums how much you could get for it.

Oliver couldn’t believe it. The watch caused quite a stir. Collectors offering him ridiculous amounts of money for that “exquisite” and “rare” piece. Offers starting at £100k!!

Oliver’s dad then explained the purpose of that exercise: I wanted you to experience for yourself that the right place, will value your value in the right way. Never put yourself in the wrong place, and then get angry when you don’t feel valued. Don’t stay in a place that doesn’t value your value. Know your worth!

Obviously none of this is real and I can’t even take credit for the story. I did however make a tiny effort to put it in a more current context 😊 This is a modern tale going around in social media. It’s quite accurate in that skills and knowledge are valued differently depending on the organisation and the people running it.

Rejection is a tough pill, but more often than not a better option to settling for less. When negotiating a new career move, being offered less than what we’re worth is a massive disappointment. Most people will only settle for less if they have no other option, but the stories repeat themselves: from day one that person will be using that job as a stepping stone to tsomething else. The trouble is, once you start a job you get busy, too busy and what was initially important will eventually be de-prioritised over and over.

How many times have you heard people complaining about their job/boss/organisation, but have stayed in the same place for years? Fear, personal circumstances, comfort or life in general will get in the way (it will get in the way!) Some of us will eventually have no option other than “to go with the flow” because priorities change or options simply diminish.

A job is a two-way relationship where both parties need to give to receive. So as early as possible, learn your worth and choose wisely. Avoid an abusive work relationship. Go where you’re valued and where you can simply be happy.

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