The Imperial Dress

I designed and created the Imperial Dress during a course assignment where we were learning how to manually sketch and then how to “convert” that manual sketch into a technical pattern.

Here’s the original sketch and technical drawing:








I loved this dress so much, that although not formally part of the assignment, I gave it a try.  I started by drafting the pattern based on my own measurements and below is a picture of the main dress pattern and the lining already cut to measure:



The dress is mainly made of white velvet with grey velvet trimmings. You can see the cut of the main white velvet fabric piece and next the added trimings:










Et voilà! The end result was this! I am so happy with this dress!  The weather decided to turn really warm now, so I will need to wait for cooler days to be able to sustain the warmth and richness of velvet. Really looking forward to going out with it!