X-Press X-Fashion (Recycled Shirt)

This shirt was created for one of the Fashion Design course assignments relating to “Expression” as social engagement. The project was to deconstruct / reconstruct a garment, so I opted for a simple recycle of a traditional man’s shirt into a wrap shirt. As part of a previous assignment I had researched reconstruction and reconstruction of garments throughout the 20th century and decided to use a technique used in the beginning of the 1900s. The scarcity of fabric at the time due to production challenges and / or monetary reasons forced many people to recycle whatever garment was available.

I sourced 2 garments for this project:

  • A man’s XXL shirt from a charity shop

  • A bright pink 70’s dress from a vintage sale:

The final result was the X-Press X-Fashion (Express Cross Fashion) shirt: a “man’s shirt” combined with details of a “woman’s dress”.


Sleeve detail:


Collar detail: