Upcycled cuisine!

Christmas is soon approaching and I can’t wait. Some people find this a stressful season, but I have very warm and caring Christmas childhood memories. Family and close friends gathering, everyone bringing home made delicacies – lots of delicacies! Enough to feed everyone for a week, but wait… less than a week later is New Year! More gatherings, more food… bliss! Continue reading “Upcycled cuisine!”

Mediterranean “Staycation” – Part 1

Today is Saint Anthony’s Day!  Apart from Christmas and Easter this is the only other religious date I remember.  Not because of religion I’m afraid, but because this is the biggest yearly event in Lisbon!  If you’ve never heard of it have a look here: https://www.visitportugal.com/en/node/210955.  We had booked holidays, but fate decided there would be no St. Anthony’s celebrations this year for reasons we all know too well now 🙁  Never has this happened in my lifetime and I hope it never happens again.
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At some point in your life you will have only realised “what” you had from the moment you no longer had it.  If you’ve ever lived abroad, I bet this is a constant realisation, probably more predominant during the initial years following the move.  So, when something you were used to having available, suddenly is no longer as accessible, finding that something is exceptionally joyful.

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